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Events are held each Wed & weekend nights, Calendar of events

  The Sanctuary is a Private Facility and never open to the public.

You can attend some events such as a Art Showing, Training class, Community Night, or Social Munch without being a member (a signed waver and ID will be  required) if you RSVP in advance and receive a conformation for one of these types of events.  

However to attend a showing (private event)  you  must be a member of Sanctuary, a guest of a member (invited) or part of a group that has secured access as guests for the event.

Sanctuary has a national reciprocal agreement program or a one week visitor membership package for our out of town guest.  Please call 214-678-9901 for details and to arrange access.

A membership must be applied for and approved prior to the start of an event (call for details or to schedule a tour). 


A private social facility and Wholesale Showroom 


The Sanctuary is a social facility  like no other.  Created for the Leather enthusiast this spacious 7,500 facility is wrought of thousands of experiences and BDSM scenes.  Oh yes, there are over 50 stations, hoists, equipment, private rooms, music, couches, a gallery, decorations, and all kinds of kinky stuff.  Ahhhh, but it’s the energy and experience that has permeated the space with an essence of pain, please, action, dominance and submission that tightens your insides upon entry. 

 The experience of thousands of scenes over eight years has created nuances your senses perceive but go unnoticed until the action begins.  The lighting, the colors, the sound, position of the stations, and availability of supplies, all these things create an essence.  However the critical element is the people.  You find them experienced, friendly, ready to assist, however strangely deferent, as if there’s a protocol at work, an unspoken shared understanding:  “We can help, but it’s your turn to learn.”   A certain calm assurance that there is no need to rush, the moment will show itself, the journey will lead you.  Enjoy every step, we wish you well.

 Located on the far west side of Dallas this hidden world of incredibility rich texture can be enjoyed with a private membership only.  Member, Sponsor, & Partner levels of membership allow your journey to be crafted to the experience you seek. 

 The opportunity for social interaction is near boundless.  With weekend events, weeknight activities, gallery showings, photo sessions, service opportunities, there’s always something to be involved in. 

 Support the vision of a Leather community on the move, living the journey to the fullest.  Secure your membership and start your own journey, to an end as yet unknown.

 Six month membership $55 donation , one year $85 donation , pay for events as you attend.

One year Sponsor membership $300 donation , 20 events pre-paid, /w special guest privileges.


One year Partner membership $1,000 donation, includes special access & service privileges.


Recurring group / event packages are available.

Private event planning or private space rentals are available. Member discounts apply. 

Private mentoring sessions in lifestyle skills, behavior or lifestyle consulting can be arranged.




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