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Scene Name Required or form will not be processed
First Name Optional for additional tracking
Email: Required for Auto-response email
Phone: (if question) Optional for response to a question
Event Name: Required or form will not be processed
Date of Event:  Required or form will not be processed, use format MM/DD/YYYY.  e.g. 01/01/2010
Number of Guests:   Not including yourself or other Sanctuary members

  If you do not find the event you wish to RSVP for in the event name field, please write the event name in the description and select Other.    You are responsible for all guests you bring and you must be at the event for your guests to attend.   Sanctuary Member do not need to RSVP for standard events. However if bringing guests or the event is a special night it is recommended.  i.e. standard event would be a reoccurring monthly event.


An  E-MAIL can be used for your RSVP however the Form on this page is preferred.

Send To: RSVP@sanctuarylifestyle.com

Make Sure To Include The Following in your Email

  • Your Scene Name

  • Date you would like to RSVP For

  • If you are a SLA Member or not

  • All Guest who will be attending with you.

Please print off a copy of your email that you sent and bring it to the club to ensure entry, as you may not receive a confirmation.




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