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Join the Sanctuary

Our long term goal is to maintain a low cost of attendance per event for the BDSM community by use of volunteer labor and subsidizing Sanctuary showing costs from other Sanctuary revenues.

The Sanctuary is never open to the public. The following are the only methods people are allowed to gain access to The Sanctuary for Lifestyle Arts (SLA):

Be a member

Be a guest of a member

Be part of a group function that is being held at our facilities

We typically ask for a event donation to cover food, supplies, utilities, etc., as follows:

$15 donation  for members
$30 donation for guest of members
$20 donation for group events
Special Showing  Donations may apply for special events



          Age requirement for membership or access is 18 years or older 

All memberships are applied for by appointment only and screened.

Standard membership is $55 donation for 6 months or $85 donation a year per person.

Sanctuary has a national reciprocal agreement program or a one week membership package for our out of town visitors.  Please call 214-678-9901 for details and to arrange access.

Sponsor membership is $300  for a year. This is a one year 20 visits prepaid package, it allows for personal guests to attend as one of your prepaid visits. Great for singles or a couple where one partner "occasionally attends". You will be saving on overall membership cost and getting a reduced guest donation rate as well.

Partner membership is $1000 a year. The big pluses with this is NO donations are requested to attend showings, private use of the facility and other privileges.

Contact us 214-678-9901 or Sanctuary@sanctuarylifestyle.com for more information.

Special Services

Private rentals of equipment for use onsite or at your location.

Lifestyle Mentoring & Consulting with arrangement. 




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