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SLA is a private social facility and professional Showroom Warehouse Display. We offer a safe, secure, discrete facility with a large social area, two Showrooms, and private session rooms. Sanctuary was formed to serve the BDSM community's needs with an upscale comfortable showroom space that could accommodate the demands and growth of the Dallas BDSM community and surrounding areas. SLA was also designed to provide a clean, discrete, professional Showroom to fill the needs of the Dallas metroplex area. 

SLA's social area & showing space is now hosting private showing each Friday and Saturday night for its members and guests. Groups are welcome. Groups are scheduled by pre-arrangement on a particular night. Small groups may be scheduled together as needed. I.e. part of the negotiation. We have an extra large and comfortable social area, two Showrooms with over 50 stations, and private rooms.

We host events on weekends for our members. We also accommodate several local BDSM (Bondage/Discipline, Dominance/Submission, Sadism/Masochism) groups by providing a place for their munch / meet & greet function(s) and provide them access to our facilities. We wanted to share with you how this works.
Admission to the SLA is carefully controlled to ensure that members of the public are not allowed to simply walk up and join a showing. This explains the need for our "complex" process to become a member and why we insist upon having RSVP lists from groups.

We have written rules that serve to keep things legal, enforce the concepts of "safe, sane and consensual, (SS&C)" / " risk aware consensual kink (RACK)" and identify good social behavior. We have Showroom monitors for every showing to make sure folks are following the rules. We do not want destroyed what we have worked so hard to build for the community.
Alcohol or drugs (under the influence, of any kind) and informed consent for "consensual" activities do not go hand-in-hand. We do not serve alcohol and do not permit consumption of alcohol on our property. If we suspect that someone has been consuming alcohol or drugs before arriving, they may be asked not to participate in a scene, but most likely they will be asked to leave.

Our operating methods are under continual review and scrutiny by our staff and by our attorney. We want to assure you that we are taking every step we can think of to ensure that our operation is legal and safe for our members and guests. As an example of how far we will go to protect our business and our members, we have met with the Dallas Police Vice and various other agencies, allowed them to come in and inspect our facilities, look over our rules and release form, etc. Some of the changes you have noticed in the way we operate were the result of these efforts.

A lot of work goes into making the Sanctuary a pleasant & safe place to visit. Staff and volunteers make sure the equipment is in good condition, clean, and ready for use. Bottles of bleach/water mix and paper towels are placed near play stations. Lights are adjusted and the Showroom are cooled/heated, etc. At the end of the evening, everything is put back in its place, garbage picked up and carried out and the place checked to see that things are in good order for the next showing.  
Our staff looks for volunteers to donate time at every event to help monitor the showing areas. We are all there to ensure that all are welcomed, feel safe, and have a great time. Our volunteers make it happen, and we are indebted to them.  If you don't know how, just ask them they will gladly guide you. Dominant/Top or slave/sub or bottom, are all welcomed to help keep the showroom area safe for all. So please show your support and be a part of the SLA Showroom Monitors, Set-up Crew or Clean-up Crew..
Thank you all for helping us provide a safe "home" to scene.

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