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1.Use of alcoholic beverages or drugs will not be tolerated. If a Dungeon Monitor of Staff Member suspects that you are under the influence, you MAY be asked not to play, If you are unsteady of obnoxious most likely you will be asked to leave the premises.

2.According to Texas Law, no sexual contact of conduct is permitted. I.e. NO penetration or Masturbation. This means no fingers, toys, tongue or penis. This also pertains to NO Masturbation... No Vibrators... That means self or others. I.e. no direct genital stimulation to climax. However the mouth is not classified as a sexual organ so this means fingers, toys and tongue into a mouth is ok. Also manipulation of the genitals to create pain is acceptable. I.e. Pulling, twisting, slapping, stepping on, tying, pinching, applying clamps or clothes pins, etc. Dungeon Monitors hate having to make judgment calls on play, they are there mainly for safety... but they will... and you may not like their decision.

3.No water sports, breath play, or scat due to risk & biohazard. Piercing & cutting scenes will be permitted provided you discuss this with a Dungeon Monitor before hand and provide for safe disposal of your own bio-hazardous waste (needles, etc.) and the body area is covered at the end of the scene to avoid contamination of the furniture.

4.The house safe word is "RED". No one will be forced into any situation they are not comfortable with. The choice is always yours. When this word is used / called out and not honored - everyone - has the right/responsibility to step in and offer his/her assistance. First look for a Dungeon Monitor or Staff Member, but don't delay, ask the Dom if they heard the safe word called.

5.If you are going to have a scene that involves heavy play or situations that others may question safety, discuss you plans with the Dungeon Monitor before hand. This way, the Dungeon Monitor can answer questions and not have to interrupt the scene.

6.Be courteous of people around you. Remember your protocol as it applies to collars. I.e. get permission from the owner before talking to a collared slave. If your partner starts to screeching while playing (very loud) it may bother others, please consider using a gag.

7.Pay attention to play space. Don't start a scene to close to another. If you are playing in tight quarters, use toys that will not infringe on other's space. If you are viewing a scene keep a respectful distance verbally and physically.

8.You are expected to clean up the area and any Sanctuary Toys used once you are finished playing. Return any Sanctuary Toys to their proper place. Wipe down the surfaces with the simple green spray provided and pick up any debris, such as discarded clothespins, wax, rope cuttings, etc. and dispose of properly.

9.Private room(s) have a one (1) hour limit.

10.Personal conflicts should be resolved in private. Please resolve your issues or arguments outside of Sanctuary.

11.Respect the Dungeon Monitors or Staff Members ruling at the scene. If you feel you have been wrongly challenged, the Dungeon Monitor's decision can be appealed to the Senior Dungeon Monitor whose decision is final.


1.You must be of legal age to be allowed into Sanctuary.

2.No drugs or alcoholic beverages are permitted at Sanctuary. If a Dungeon Monitor or Staff Member suspects that you are under the influence, you MAY be asked not to play in a scene but most likely you will be asked to leave the premises.

3.Parties are private. NO cameras, camcorders, cell phones or camera cell phones are permitted.
4.Clean up after yourself. Everyone should at the very minimum pick up after themselves and preferably volunteer 10-15 minutes for general space cleanup before they leave.

5.No Genital nudity outside the dungeon. I.e. The genitals are to be covered in the social area. You must be appropriately attired when leaving the building.

6.The smoking and social areas are NOT play spaces. If you are going to engage in spanking or any similar activity, take it into the dungeon.

7.Smoking is permitted in designated areas only remember, no nudity or play outside the dungeon).

8.Do not interrupt a scene. This means do not stand too close, do not talk or make comments, do not examine toys laid out for use, and do not ask questions. After the scene is over (including the cool down and de-orbiting of the submissive), then you can ask questions or make comments.

9.Do not touch, take or use another person's toys (human or otherwise) without their permission.

10.If you are concerned about someone's safety, get a Dungeon Monitor or Staff Member and express your concerns. The exception is when you hear the safe word "RED" used and it is not being honored.

11.Do not assume that if a person is submissive to someone that they are submissive to everyone. Remember your protocol as it applies to collars. I.e. get permission from the owner before talking to a collared submissive/slave. It is ok to ask someone it they wish to play then negotiate a scene... but if they decline, accept it and let it end there.

12.Confidentiality is to be maintained. You are not to disclose a person's identity or personal information in or out of the dungeon.

13.Help keep the dungeon, social area and smoking area clean. If you spill something, clean it up. Food is NOT allowed in the dungeon. Drinks are acceptable but MUST be in a capped container. Remember someone has to clean it up.

14.If you are uncomfortable with the scene you have chosen to view or uncomfortable in general at The Sanctuary For Lifestyle Arts, please LEAVE.

15.If anything is in question or does not seem right, ask a Dungeon Monitor or Staff Member.



Remember it is always a good idea to be very polite around people that carry whips and knives. Oh My!! ~grinning~

Within the S&M community, confidentiality is of utmost importance.
Practitioners of this lifestyle have no special rights protecting them from discrimination in employment, housing, or public accommodations because of their sexual orientation or preferences. Their form of sexual expression is most often ridiculed or treated as if it were a mental illness making them dangerous to others, especially the vanilla portion of society. Friends and family members who would otherwise embrace them openly will shy away or shun them completely upon learning of their form of sexuality.

For this reason, many people in the lifestyle find it crucial that their form of sexual expression be kept absolutely secret from friends, co-workers, employers, family members, and, in some cases, even from others within the lifestyle.

Therefore, there are some rules regarding confidentiality that are never - not for any reason - broken, by members of the lifestyle scene. To break even one of these rules will, at the very least, subject you to a loss of good reputation in the local scene and may very likely cause you to be completely and forever ostracized by others in the lifestyle. In every case, intentionally breaking one of these rules will result in total and permanent loss of contact with The Sanctuary For Lifestyle Arts and its Professional Dominants in their professional capacity.

Unless you have someone's express permission:
1. You never, either directly or indirectly, reveal that you know someone is a member of the S&M community or practices the S&M lifestyle, even to someone else in the scene. This is referred to as "outing," and it is always and exclusively their choice to "out" themselves - never yours.
2. You never, either directly or indirectly, reveal the "vanilla" or "real" identity of someone in the S&M scene, even to someone else in the scene.
3. If you know someone only through the scene, you never indicate, either directly or indirectly, that you know them at all when you are not both in an S&M scene or lifestyle context. For instance, you may accidentally meet a good friend whom you know only through the scene while the two of you are in the grocery store one day. The correct thing - the only correct thing - is to treat them as if they were a total stranger, letting not even the casual observer have any clue that the two of you know each other.

The Sanctuary For Lifestyle Arts will not tolerate the intentional violation of any of these rules and accidental violations will be looked upon with great disfavor.



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