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The Sanctuary for Lifestyle Arts needs your help to continue serving the BDSM community. Please watch this space for more information, or click on one of the above to make your donation today.



A Word from Master Sybaris

We strive to serve the BDSM lifestyle community by creating a welcoming, accepting environment. The Sanctuary is continually changing & growing to better service it's members and guests. This is only accomplished by our volunteers donation of time & effort. There are no employees, no payroll, donations of money keep the doors open (which we struggle with regularly), donations of service are the heart. It's hard for a dominant to ask, but here goes....

Help us serve the BDSM LifeStyle Community. Donate a few dollars, help support a safe, positive, accepting community space.

There, now that wasn't so bad was it..... Hummm... I should just said "Donate or I will spank the slave" or is it "Donate or I won't spank the slave". This power stuff is confusing sometimes. Good thing we have Sanctuary where we can go and discuss it and sort it all out.

Also there are things other man money that are needed to keep this community center going, like: lumber for decks, rooms, fences,  stations, etc. If you have furniture the stuff we have is getting older fast from all the use. Most building supplies like tile, paint, metal (we do have a volunteer welder) are always put to good use. Then there are equipment or things to build equipment with, like exotic woods for paddles, leather, fur, or material you have laying around and are not using (as we all do or course). So just drop if off, we can make one equipment  for you, a few for the showrooms, and sell the rest. There we are back to the curse of money needed to do all this. Well I can ignore it so lets get back to it and keep the fun going.


slave's plea

~kneels thighs parted slightly... head up.. hands out in front of her fingers clasped.. takes a deep breath~ this is Master Sybaris's girl, star ~smiles softly~ The Sanctuary is very much worth having around for all of us that are in this lifestyle to use.. but sadly we need your help to keep the sounds of whips and sweet screams of pain and pleasure echoing through out our showrooms... ~crawling.. head very close to the floor...~ please, oh please... help me... so that my Master can still keep whipping me.... as i know that you want to keep coming here to beat your slave or find someone to beat you if you are the submissive... ~looks up eyes shining with tears~ please keep our showrooms open for it is all of us to enjoy.. donate your time.. your slaves time.. your money... whatever that you feel in your heart and soul tells you to do... just think how sad it is for a facility to grow quiet no cries of pain, no screams, no cracking of whips, no slaps of paddles but deathly silence





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