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Remember it is always a good idea to be very polite around people that carry whips and knives. Oh My!! ~grinning~

Within the S&M community, confidentiality is of utmost importance.
Practitioners of this lifestyle have no special rights protecting them from discrimination in employment, housing, or public accommodations because of their sexual orientation or preferences. Their form of sexual expression is most often ridiculed or treated as if it were a mental illness making them dangerous to others, especially the vanilla portion of society. Friends and family members who would otherwise embrace them openly will shy away or shun them completely upon learning of their form of sexuality.

For this reason, many people in the lifestyle find it crucial that their form of sexual expression be kept absolutely secret from friends, co-workers, employers, family members, and, in some cases, even from others within the lifestyle.

Therefore, there are some rules regarding confidentiality that are never - not for any reason - broken, by members of the lifestyle scene. To break even one of these rules will, at the very least, subject you to a loss of good reputation in the local scene and may very likely cause you to be completely and forever ostracized by others in the lifestyle. In every case, intentionally breaking one of these rules will result in total and permanent loss of contact with The Sanctuary For Lifestyle Arts and its Professional Dominants in their professional capacity.

Unless you have someone's express permission:
1. You never, either directly or indirectly, reveal that you know someone is a member of the S&M community or practices the S&M lifestyle, even to someone else in the scene. This is referred to as "outing," and it is always and exclusively their choice to "out" themselves - never yours.
2. You never, either directly or indirectly, reveal the "vanilla" or "real" identity of someone in the S&M scene, even to someone else in the scene.
3. If you know someone only through the scene, you never indicate, either directly or indirectly, that you know them at all when you are not both in an S&M scene or lifestyle context. For instance, you may accidentally meet a good friend whom you know only through the scene while the two of you are in the grocery store one day. The correct thing - the only correct thing - is to treat them as if they were a total stranger, letting not even the casual observer have any clue that the two of you know each other.

The Sanctuary For Lifestyle Arts will not tolerate the intentional violation of any of these rules and accidental violations will be looked upon with great disfavor.




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